I am a freelance web designer based out of the midwestern USA.

I entered into the world of web design almost by accident. It started with a bit of basic coding on forums, a bit of poking around in source code. I soon fell in love with it, and have been learning ever since.

Web design is in high demand these days, and rates are often steep. My goal is to do quality work at reasonable prices, and deliver the website that you want.

I am proficient in HTML and CSS, and I have a fairly strong grasp of most scripting languages and databases, as well as the use of various software. My services range from logo design to building entire websites. My intention as a web designer is to create fully-functional websites that are clean, efficient, and quick to load. I have 5+ years of experience.

If you would like some examples of my work, please check out the Showcase page. I designed this website entirely from raw code.